Rome Cooking classes

25 November 2015

Rome Cooking Class – a real Cooking class with a professional Chef

Rome Cooking Class – a real Cooking class with a professional Chef in Rome Become a ‘Chef in a Day’! A Cooking Class Experience in Rome   Rome Cooking Class – A visit to Rome is not complete without a ‘hands-on’ cooking class with Chef Federico Alessandri! The lesson (Rome Cooking Class) begins with a walking tour in the famous open market in Campo dei Fiori – Rome , where you will be guided by […]
13 January 2015

The taste of Rome

The taste of Rome   The taste of Rome – A gourmet tour accompanied by a chef because a good recipe starts from the ingredients choice. The tour, of about three hours, will start with a visit to one of the lovely traditional historical Roman markets, where colours and smells mix together with the voices of the vendors. Then you will explore some of the most renowned gourmet food shops where to find the best […]
13 January 2015

Menù gourmet

Menù gourmet   Menù gourmet – The chef will take you through a unique experience to experiment with cuisine innovation. You will create special dishes to give life to a complete meat or fish menu of four exquisite courses. Each lesson includes the realization of a creative starter, hand-made fresh pasta with tasty sauces, a main course of meat or fish and finally a gorgeous dessert. And then you get to sit down and enjoy […]
13 January 2015

Menù tradizione

Menù tradizione   Menù tradizione – The Roman tradition on the table. During this hands-on cooking class, you will create a traditional authentic Roman menu, from a mouthwatering starter all the way to a gorgeous dessert. You will cook dishes such as supplì, gold fried vegetables, fiori di zucca, tonnarelli cacio e pepe, spaghetti carbonara, bucatini matriciana, saltimbocca, meat rolls, straccetti and a decadent dessert of the Italian tradition. Using local products of the highest […]
13 January 2015

Pasta making class

Pasta making class Pasta making class – You will knead, cut, roll and fill ravioli, tagliatelle, cannelloni, coloured pasta, spaghetti, fusilli or other pasta varieties. With the chef you will learn all the secrets to make the best fresh pasta with sauces and stuffing rich in creativity. And then the best part of the cooking class: you get to sit down and enjoy all your creations accompanied by the proper wine to enhance any single […]