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27 June 2016
Visit Rome in two days - Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican museum, Sistine Chapel, Coliseum, in 2 days, Rome escorted tour in English, Russian, Spanish, French,..

Colosseum Morning Tour

COLOSSEUM MORNING TOUR  – EARLY IN THE MORNING COLOSSEUM TOURS – ROME Choose our Colosseum Morning Tour, Rome’s Colosseum to enjoy the visit in comfort Rome with the Colosseum Morning Tour visitors can enter either early in the morning to discover in the best way one of the main attractions of Rome Discover Rome with the Colosseum Morning tour to see the symbol of Rome at first light in the morning and enjoy a beautiful atmosphere.   COLOSSEUM MORNING  TOUR INCLUDES: COLOSSEUM, PALATINE HILL, ROMAN FORUM   […]
16 December 2014

Ancient Rome and Colosseum Tour

Ancient Rome and Colosseum Tour Rome Group tours Skip the line – No line tours, special entrances to visit the most important sites with Colosseum tour Limited availability! To guarantee your spot book in advance! A highlights walking tour through the Ancient Rome and Colosseum Tour, the most imposing of all roman monuments, where thousands of men and wild animals were put to death before a blood-thirsty audience. Admire the incredible engineering genius of the Romans and hear about […]
1 September 2014

Mysteries of Rome tour

Mysteries of Rome tour Rome Group tours – Walking group tours in Rome – Rome city Tours What you shouldn’t miss to visit in Rome beside the Coliseum and the Vatican. Rome Group tours to discover the secrets of Rome. Mysteries of Rome tour : Rome group tours, no one leaves Rome without seeing the Coliseum or Vatican, but what they do miss…is what Makes Rome so magical. Join us as we take you through winding, […]
27 April 2014

Ancient Ostia Group Tour

Ancient Ostia Group Tour TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN The Ancient Ostia Group Tour departs from Rome with your guide passing the old Ostiense Gate, the ancient city walls erected by Emperor Aurelian in 270 AD and the huge marble Pyramid of Caio Cestius dating from 1st century BC. After 12 miles reach Ostia Antica Excavations situated at the mouth of the River Tiber on the Mediterranean coast and visit the maritime port of ancient Rome. Only […]
17 April 2014

Tour Catacombs of Rome, St. John and Holy Stairs

Tour Catacombs of Rome, St. John and Holy Stairs AFTERNOON GROUP TOUR ROUTE ON FOOT, NO SHORTS NO SLEEVELESS OUTFITS – Holy Stairs – Basilica of St. John Lateran and Santa Maria Maggiore – Ancient Appian Way – Mausoleum Cecilia Metella – The Catacombs Tour catacombs of Rome, St. John and Holy Stairs – Leaving from Piazza San Bernardo, crossing Piazza della Repubblica, we will reach and visit the Basilica of St. John in Lateran (interior […]
17 April 2014

Tour of Monte Testaccio

Tour of Monte Testaccio TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Tour of Monte Testaccio begins in Monte Testaccio which is an artificial hill created between II° BC and III° AD completely by the fragments (in Latin “testae” hence the name of Testaccio) of amphorae used to transport olives oil or wine that were unloaded from the ships in the nearby river port of Rome.The hill has a perimeter of about 3,330 feet, and a height of 150 feet. […]
17 April 2014

Castelli Romani Group Tour

Castelli Romani Group Tour  AFTERNOON CASTELLI ROMANI GROUP TOUR TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Castelli Romani group tour follows the long sequences of mighty archers running through Rome’s outskirts and countryside, we will visit the Aqueduct Archaeological Park to see the massive aqueducts which have powerfully withstood time and to hear detailed accounts of the hydraulic engineering abilities attained by the ancients to canalize huge amounts of water to Rome. In antiquity 11 aqueducts  furnished quality […]
3 July 2013

Rome Tours For The Disabled

Rome Tours For The Disabled ROME TOURS FOR THE DISABLED WITH TRANSFER SERVICE TourinRome, is a tour company managed by a team of Rome’s official tour guides. Thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff we can provide high quality services. We can organize tailor made guided tours to satisfy all kind of requests, as for example the Rome Tours For The Disabled. We have a long experience about guided tours accessible to disabled persons and […]
15 May 2013

Coliseum official guided tour

Coliseum official guided tour  Rome – Official guided tours of the Coliseum (Colosseo or Flavian Amphitheater) Palatine and Roman Forum in English with privileged entrance, Skip the Line, visit Ancient Rome with official tour guides. Coliseum official guided tour including Palatine, Roman Forum guided tour, ticket taxes – Not Line   Coliseum official guided tour – Official guided tour through the Coliseum, the most impressive of all ancient roman monuments, where thousands of people and wild animals were put to […]