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27 April 2014

Castel Gandolfo and Pope blessing Tour

Castel Gandolfo and Pope blessing Tour TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Castel Gandolfo and Pope blessing Tour – Tourist information about Castel Gandolfo, in Lazio (the Pope’s summer residence), a town in the vicinity of Rome. Castel Gandolfo is a little village which is also the Pope’s summer residence. Where is Castel Gandolfo? How can I find it? Is Castel Gandolfo the Pope’s summer residence? Information about daily tours and sightseeing to discover Castel Gandolfo, Papal audience and the […]
17 April 2014

Tivoli Guided Tours – Group Tours from Rome

TIVOLI GUIDED TOURS TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Tivoli Guided Tour – Tivoli Group Tours from Rome, Tivoli and its Villas Group Tour, a visit to Hadrian’s Villa and Villa d’Este – Daily Tours from Rome Tivoli Guided Tours – Going along the motorway 30 Kms. east of Rome we will get to Tivoli, a world-known small town since ancient times for its soothing spring of “Acqua Albulea” (sulfurous baths). Crossing  Ponte Lucano, we will admire […]
17 April 2014

Ancient Ostia Group Tour

Ancient Ostia Group Tour TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN The perfect half day tour from Rome to learn more about ancient Roman ruins but do not have time to travel to Pompeii. Ancient Ostia Group Tour – Departure from Rome with your guide via Ostiense port, the ancient walls erected by the Emperor Aurelian in 270 ad and the massive marble Pyramid of Caius cestius which dates from the first century BC. After about 20 km you’ll reach […]
17 April 2014

Castelli Romani group tour

Castelli Romani group tour AFTERNOON CASTELLI ROMANI GROUP TOUR TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Following the long sequences of mighty archers running through Rome’s outskirts and countryside, we will visit the Aqueduct Archaeological Park to see the massive aqueducts which have powerfully withstood time and to hear detailed accounts of the hydraulic engineering abilities attained by the ancients to canalize huge amounts of water to Rome. In antiquity 11 aqueducts  furnished quality water to thousands of […]