Surroundings Private

2 September 2014

Private tour Battle of Anzio

Private tour Battle of Anzio The Private tour Battle of Anzio is an unforgettable experience to retrace the places of Anzio landings that took place on January 22nd, 1944. You will have the opportunity to travel to places of Anzio where the battle and areas of liberation from Nazi-fascists that occurred on June 4th, 1944. You can visit the areas adjacent to beaches such as PETER BEACH and x-ray BEACH. In addition, one walks through […]
27 April 2014

Ponza Island Tour

Ponza Island Tour Ponza Island Tour – The points, overhangs, cliff, buttresses, coves and seabed … discovering the wonderful island with us!!! Leaving the Port, which was restored on the Roman ruins in 1772 and completed in 1793, you will be to the Pilate’s Caves, the man who tried Jesus for heresy and who gave the name to the island. Straight afterwards you will see the Madonna’s Rocks and the Guard’s lighthouse, the southernmost tip of […]
27 April 2014

Castelli Romani Private Tour

Castelli Romani Private Tour TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Castelli Romani Private Tour – Following the long sequences of mighty archers running through Rome’s outskirts and countryside, we will visit the Aqueduct Archaeological Park to see the massive aqueducts which have powerfully withstood time and to hear detailed accounts of the hydraulic engineering abilities attained by the ancients to canalize huge amounts of water to Rome. In antiquity 11 aqueducts  furnished quality water to thousands of public […]
27 April 2014

Private tour of Tivoli

Private tour of Tivoli PRIVILEGED ENTRANCE. NO WAITING! ROUTE ON FOOT, NO SHORTS NO SLEEVELESS PUTFITS TOUR AVAILABLE ONLY IN LIMOUSINE OR MINIVAN TOUR SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN Private tour of Tivoli – At Tivoli see by the huge quarries, where in antiquity, thousands of slaves and prisoners toiled in dangerous and brutal conditions to excavate large travertine lime-stone blocks used for constructing the Colosseum, the Theatre of Marcellus, numerous aqueducts and bridges, all still surviving […]