Rome tours by plane

17 October 2016

Rome airplane flight

ROME AIRPLANE FLIGHT – ROME PRIVATE AIRPLANE FLIGHT ALONG THE ROMAN COAST Flying over the coast of Lazio with a two-seater plane and enjoy a scene never seen before! Rome airplane flight – Roma private airplane flight center no-repeat;center top;; Rome airplane flight – The Airplane Flight Along the Roman Coast will take you through the beautiful Roman shores, ensuring an amazing experience. You will board a two-seater, piloted by an instructor. A GO-PRO camera […]
17 October 2016

Rome Tandem Jumping

ROME TANDEM JUMPING – PARACHUTE JUMP IN TANDEM A unique adrenaline filled experience on the Roman coast with Parachute Jump in Tandem. The tandem jump will take place near Rome Neptune in the Roman coast. Rome launch with tandem parachute experience the thrill of flight accompanied by an experienced instructor. center no-repeat;center top;; Rome tandem jumping – Experience the thrill of flight accompanied by an experienced instructor. The jump will take place in Nettuno, near […]
17 October 2016
Rome parachute Jump,

Rome parachute Jump

Rome parachute Jump a great experience!!! You can rent the necessary equipment for a parachute near Rome. If you have the parachute lunch permit/licence this is the place for you! Whether or not you have a launch equipment, you can enjoy the best experience at our skydiving centre Parachute Jump in Rome – Nettuno. The centre surrounded by a large green area and a farm attached. If you love skydiving, don’t miss your chance to […]