Archeo-film Trip

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Archeo-film Trip

Archeo-film Trip

Bomarzo and Soriano

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Archeo-film Trip

Archeo-film Trip – The landscape is typically hilly, with forests of oak and chestnut trees, olive groves and vineyards, fields and tree-lined avenues “… that seems plow by goldsmiths,” wrote Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Between the fairy place of Bomaderry and Soriano del Cimino, we explore places with an huge multitude of megaliths, anthropomorphic altars ,pagan tombs and also the remains of ancient settlements such as St. Cecilia, early Christian cemeteries. Another extraordinary presence is the Etruscan “pyramid” , surrounded by lush vegetation covering the forest of a mysterious aura!The great abundance of altars, we are into the greatest place with concentration of sacral rocks and funeral areas of Etruscan-Roman period, suggests the presence of a school area school used by priests for teach the apprentices.

At the end of the day, we visit the ancient Orsini Castle and the Tower of Chia, a building of the thirteenth century, naturally defense three sides by a precipice and on the fourth by a moat and artificial , a wall with ghibelline battlements and pentagonal tower high 42 meters.

Duration: 2 days


390 €, including equestrian excursion with guide + lunch + overnight + breakfast + Ticket for Bomaderry


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