The Pincian Hill

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The modern Pincio occupies the very spot of the “Collis Hortorum” or hill of gardens, of the Romans so called from the famous villa of Domitian Sallust and Lucullus which stood here. This last property was, later on bought by Valerius Asiaticus, who was put to death by the emperor Claudius at instigation of his wife Messalina, under the pretext of conspiracy against the Emperor.
The Emperor Aurelian in 270 A.C. presented these gardens to the public and for centuries they were used as a public park. Later on the garden abandoned and changed into vineyards, until the period of Napoleon I who in 1812, during the French domination had the locality laid out as it is now, to be used again as a park. The work of the French government interrupted by the downfall of Napoleon, in 1815, was continued by the Pope Pius VII and completed by Pope Gregory XVI.
All around the garden, are busts of illustrious man of Italy: artists, poets generals, philosophers, ets. We are indebted, for this important collection, to Mazzini, the great Italian patriot, who during the Roman Republic, of 1849, proposed its erection; his idea was, however, not carried out much later. Official Rome Guide, Rome walking city Tours.
The platform above “Piazza del Popolo” commands a lovely view of the West part of the city of Rome, having as a background the great dome of St. Peter’s with the Papal Palace and gardens; the Janiculum, on the left, with the statue of Garibaldi and the light-house, and Monte Mario on the right.
Below the terrace of the Pincio,is:


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